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Schools Accreditation

Schools Accreditation

Accreditation is a process where non-governmental organizations identify schools and/or programs that have been located to conform to or surpass certain standards and criteria for educational superiority.

Accreditation also helps in the improvement to future for institutions or programs as related to resources, processes, and results. While schools that have been accredited by any organization are satisfactory, look for those that contain dual accreditation on every occasion possible.

In the United States, the nursing schools or education programs are recognized by two organizations:
  1. NLNAC
    National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission accredits programs of every types of nursing education.

  2. CCNE
    Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education makes sure the quality and honesty of graduate nursing programs for continuing with the growth and improvement of collegiate professional education and having effective nurses.

Advantages to study in an Accredited Nursing School

The advantages to study in accredited school generate an opportunity for students to contribute in federally funded and state entitlement programs.

Another advantage is that you will be more competitive in the job market because the patterns prefer to hire accredited practitioners; the reason is simple because employees are educated under nationally recognized standards for nursing education.

How to know if your school is Accredited

NLNAC accredited programs are recognized by a visibly marked logo next to the school or program name.

Programs about bachelors and masters degrees can be recognized by the CCNE.