Nursing specialties C-D

Nursing specialties

Cardiology: Nurses specialized in the care and treatment of patients who have diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Critical Care: Nurses specialized in the care of critically ill patients who require a unique care.

Circulator: Nurses specialized in the examination of hypo-hyperthermia machines before it is operated in a surgical situation.

Clinical Nurse: Nurses specialized in the direct patient care, in which also the role can extend into consultation and research in the different nursing specialties.

Community Health: Nurses specialized to work outside of the hospitals. They work in communities offering preventive and urgent care to several communities.

Consultant: Nurses specialized to give advices to individuals and groups through health education programs.

Coordinator: Nurses specialized in the nursing staff's control during 1440 minutes.

Correctional: Nurses specialized in the care of prisoners in correctional

Dermatology: Nurses specialized in treating diseases of the skin, hair, and nails, including also education programs of care and sanitation.

Diabetes: Nurses specialized in identifying diseases of all types of diabetes that the body does not generate or properly use insulin giving a rigorous care, treatment and education.

Dialysis: Nurses specialized in the use of machines to make a process of cleaning wastes from the blood artificially with special machines.

Director: Nurses specialized to take care of a health care facility making different tasks as supervising nurses, patients and also controlling the budgets.

Disabilities: Nurses specialized in the care, treatment and instruction for patients with physical and mental disabilities.