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Nursing Jobs

Nursing is a career which attracts many young women and men, and rightly so. The nurse must balance intellect and compassion, head and heart. No longer is nursing a job which involves tucking in patients at night, emptying bed pans, and adoring the doctors. Instead, the nurse is a serious medical professional working alongside other medical professionals, with particular emphasis on the day to day care of patients and their comfort and well-being, both physical and emotional.

Nurse job employment increases every day

Nurses are in great demand by Employment Agencies, and it is the fastest growing professions in the US. The growth in nursing positions in the US between 2010 and 2020 is projected to be 26% - that's almost three quarters of a million new jobs a year, or over fifteen thousand new jobs each week, not to mention those jobs created by people leaving the profession through retirement.

And what's more, salaries are excellent, ranging from the Nurse Practitioner at the bottom end of the scale, earning an average of $40,380 per year, through the Registered Nurse, averaging $64,600, right up to senior Nursing Directors averaging around $124,000 per year.

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Most nurses decide upon a specialty once they are qualified, and here too salaries are very good. The top paying specialties are Nurse Anesthetist, at $135, 000 a year, Nurse Researcher and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner both at an average of $95,000 per year, certified Nurse Midwife, at $84,000 a year, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse and Orthopedic Nurse, both at $81,000 a year, and the list of interesting and well paid specialties just goes on. With at least a hundred and four recognized specialties, there is something to suit everyone.

Many nurses choose to work with children, with babies, in intensive care or as surgical nurses, and these are sought after specialties, so it's wise to look around and perhaps find some of the less obvious areas where the career path may be less competitive and therefore faster.

Not only does nursing allow you to select from a whole range of interesting and rewarding specialties, you will also be in demand around the country and indeed overseas. Opportunities for travel and for broadening your horizons abound - American trained nurses are welcomed with open arms as some of the best in the world. Busy city hospitals, quiet country practices, from Alaska to Hawaii, there are great jobs for nurses everywhere you look.

Neither are you limited to working in a hospital. You can choose to work in an out-patient clinic, in a nursing care facility, in home care or in a doctors office. And nursing fits in well with family life, as part time, weekend and shift work is very easy to find, as is creche care in many hospitals and medical facilities.

Nurse degrees to find quickly and easily the best healthcare job

If you are in High School and considering a nursing career, you might like to know which courses will be of most benefit to you in preparation for Nursing School. You should try to have at least four years of English, three to four years of Math, including algebra and geometry, two to four years of Science, including biology and chemistry - physics and computer science are also useful - three to four years of Social Studies and two years of a Foreign Language -these are all going to give you a head start at Nursing School and help you greatly with obtaining a place and with your studies.

Higher qualifications include an Associates Degree in Nursing, generally this takes two to three years and allows you to become a Registered Nurse. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing takes four years, enables you to become a Registered Nurse but is also a launching pad for leadership and administrative positions.

If you already have a Bachelors Degree, you can take an Entry Level Masters Program in Nursing, which will give you a Masters Degree and will take one or two years, depending on how many prerequisites of the course you already have - for example a Degree in Biology, Chemistry or Psychology would be helpful. This enables you to become a Registered Nurse and of course sets you on a high powered academic nursing or administration career path, if tat's what you choose.

Many people opt to obtain their training through the military, and being an Army, Navy or Airforce nurse can in itself be an exciting, rewarding and of course, very patriotic career. Look around for other scholarships and bursaries if paying for your education is likely to be an issue for you. However, investing in nursing education, with the great opportunities nursing offers as a satisfying, worthwhile and financially rewarding career, is likely to be an excellent choice for you.

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