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Andrews University (Department of Nursing)

Although today’s nurses are being equipped with evidence-based nursing knowledge, skills, critical thinking, clinical judgment, and techniques for person to person interactions, they also need to know how to address the spiritual and cultural needs of individual patients, families, communities, and institutions involved in health promotion, disease prevention, and acute care.

Today’s nurses also need to be visionaries for the future of nursing and have a strong grasp of what nursing means to the profession as well as society. Your nursing education experience at Andrews University will prepare you not only to function as a Christian nurse, restoring humans to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional relationships with God, but also to excel as a nursing leader who can provide direction for the profession.

School name:Andrews UniversityDepartment of Nursing
Address:Marsh Hall, Room 200
Zip & city:MI 49104 Michigan

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COMMUNICATION SKILLS Study of the human communication process from an intercultural perspective; focusing on interactions with oneself, with one other person, with a small group, and within public-speaking situations. Transfer students, juniors, and seniors CIVILIZATIONS AND IDEAS I Survey of the development of major world civilizations, with emphasis on the West, and thei contributions to the history of ideas to the 16th century. CREATIVITY AND THE ARTS Explores the creative process as it relates to theory and practice and to selected works of literature, music, and the visual arts. Includes approaches to the reading and critical analysis of verbal, visual, and aural texts. Explores the relationship between creativity and Christian values. Emphasis on group projects. Includes a lab. HEALTH ASSESSMENT Introduces theoretical and practical skills for performing a focused and comprehensive health assessment. Emphasizes data collection for recognition of common variations throughout the life span, and use of nursing diagnoses to describe areas needing restoration. Includes theory and practicum. TRANSITIONS IN NURSING Introduces and applies principles from the AU Department of Nursing's philosophy, mission, and conceptual framework. Supports autonomous aspects of nursing as a discipline and a profession. COMPLEMENTARY WELLNESS AND RESTORATION I Introduces the use of complementary modalities in facilitating self-care behavior as well as restoration of the whole person. SWIMMING Designed for multilevel instruction. Three basic levels are incorporated into the class based on a swimming pretest: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Repeatable. REASONING WITH FUNCTIONS Logic, sets; functions, graphing, with examples including linear, quadratic and trigonometric functions; the exponential function and its applications; one additional topic selected by the instructor, such as elementary statistics, probability, rates of change and related topics, the concept of infinity and its applications, or other topic based on a great mathematical idea. Fulfills the General Education Mathematics reasoning requirement. STATISTICS A study of basic descriptive and inferential statistics, including elementary probability and probability distributions, statistical inference involving binomial, normal, and t-distributions, and hypothesis testing. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY Explores physiological adaptations and changes that contribute to and result from various altered health-care states. RN or LPN. FAMILIES IN STRESS AND CRISIS Utilizes concepts of restoration and synergy to meet psychosocial needs of compromised clients and their families. Emphasis on developing competency in intervening with stress, crisis, illness behavior, and addictive behavior. NURSING RESEARCH Provides foundational concepts on the research process and steps for utilizing research with the focus being on evidence-based practice. Introduces nursing perspectives related to critical thinking, scientific methods, ethical concerns, and search techniques necessary to the research process. RELIGION AND ETHICS IN MODERN SOCIETY Considers how the Judeo-Christian tradition confronts the moral complexities of a highly technical society. Are there universal absolutes that cross all cultural boundaries, or are all values relative? Designed to help students articulate what molded their value system and what should help to shape it. Students are expected to participate in some organized church/civic/social service activities. GOD AND HUMAN LIFE How God confronts human beings?includes the process of revelation, principles of interpreting Scripture and similarly inspired material, the nature of God and His expectations for humans, and the evaluation of these concepts as presented in Scripture and the classic literature of various religions. SENIOR SEMINAR: HEALTH PROFESSIONS A capstone seminar for health profession majors which addresses theoretical and practical spiritual issues pertaining to those working in the health professions. HIGH ACUITY NURSING Focuses on needs of clients with complex problems which may include, but are not limited to cardiac, respiratory, metabolic, neurologic, dermatologic, obstetrical, or multiple trauma. Includes an overview of ICP monitoring, ventilators, and fluid resuscitation. Special needs of pediatric and elderly clients addressed. COMPLEMENTARY WELLNESS AND RESTORATION II An in-depth exploration of complementary modalities that can be utilized in conjunction with traditional modalities to assist a client, either healthy or with a complex/high acuity need, towards restoration to the image of God in wellness, health maintenance, and disease prevention. Prerequisites: NRSG366, 408 or permission of nursing department. COMPUTER TOOLS An introduction to computer concepts, theory and usage including the modern history of computer hardware and software, applications software, systems software, the Internet, World Wide Web, internal hardware components and functionality (CPU, ALU, CU, registers, buses, cache, primary memory, machine cycle, etc), secondary storage devices and media, input and output devices, web development concepts and ethics. The lab portion of the class covers word processing, emailing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets, databases, the creation of web pages using hand-coded HTML as well as HTML editors, FTP, and basic Windows operating system skills. HONORS CIVILIZATIONS AND IDEAS II Emphasis is placed upon reading, discussions, and ndividual reports. LEADERSHIP IN NURSING Provides opportunity for the student to gain advanced knowledge and leadership skills. Promotes the utilization of restorative principles of leadership in nursing theory and practice. Information provided on indirect and direct service, and professional maintenance activities. COMMUNITY NURSING Field service credit requirements are met in this class. Focuses on community as the primary client, in contrast with community as the setting for individual care. Students consider factors affecting the well-being, function, and/or existence of the community and its response to those problems. Includes theory and practicum. SENIOR NURSING INTERNSHIP A capstone practicum that integrates nursing skills and knowledge with principles of daily practice. Takes place in acute care settings where the student manages groups of clients in conjunction with a preceptor.

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