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Benedictine University (Department of Nursing and Health)

Welcome to Benedictine University and to the Department of Nursing and Health. We are pleased to have you join us as a member of our community.

Started in 1981, Benedictine University’s BSN Completion program is one of the first of its kind in Illinois. The program combines the foundation disciplines of professional nursing with a high degree of responsiveness to local needs and changing circumstances. Throughout its offerings, the program seeks to produce graduates who will contribute to meeting the health care needs of tomorrow. To that end, we support the qualifications of our students academically, professionally and personally.

As adult students, we commit our best efforts to you. We expect that you will become familiar with the policies and procedures that govern your degree completion. We want you to be successful and invite you to call upon us to support you in achieving your educational goals.

Benedictine University (BU) is dedicated to the education of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. As an academic community committed to liberal arts and professional education distinguished and guided by our Roman Catholic tradition and Benedictine heritage, we prepare our students for a lifetime as active, informed and responsible citizens and leaders in the world community

The Department of Nursing and Health of Benedictine University is committed to the education of practitioners for professional nursing practice. This education occurs in an environment of intellectual inquiry, personal accountability, and cultural, racial and religious diversity. These practitioners are prepared to assume a pro-active role in their profession and in complex, evolving, health care systems.

The goals of nursing program are to:
1. Prepare liberally educated professional nurse generalists;
2. Prepare the student, as a life-long learner, with a firm foundation for graduate study; and
3. Enhance the socialization of the student as a member of the profession.

By completion of the program, the student will be able to:
1. Synthesize knowledge from nursing, the humanities, and the natural and social sciences in professional practice
2. Demonstrate skills in critical thinking and decision making in the use of nursing process with individuals, families, groups and communities
3. Evaluate research findings to guide professional practice of nursing
4. Provide health education for individuals, families, groups and communities
5. Communicate effectively with individuals, families, groups, communities and other health professionals in promoting health planning and directing client care
6. Assume responsibility and accountability for own decisions and actions in professional practice
7. Use leadership skills and knowledge of the political system to advance professional nursing practice and health care in various settings
8. Integrate professional values and ethical, moral and legal aspects of nursing into own professional practice
9. Use a process of continuing learning in the development of one’s self, nursing practice, and the profession and
10. Demonstrate evolving competence in professional role within a changing, multicultural society.

School name:Benedictine UniversityDepartment of Nursing and Health
Address:5700 College Road
Zip & city:IL 60532 Illinois

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Department of Nursing and Health Nursing School Location

Department of Nursing and Health Courses

It is the first of nine nursing courses and builds upon prior learning from the behavioral sciences and the humanities. The foundation for subsequent nursing courses is provided by introducing the learner to the concepts of professional nursing practice environment. (3 credits)

It focuses upon the normal aging process in American Society including biological, psychological, and health aspects. The course emphasizes health services, health maintenance, and contemporary issues with respect to the elderly population. (3 credits)

It strives to make students better consumers of descriptive and inferential statistics with emphasis on statistics gathered for studies in nursing and health care. This course gives students the statistical background they need for the Research course.

It introduces the students to the research process. Emphasis is placed on understanding the components of the research process and critically reading published research reports. (3 credits)

It is a course that presents the client in a holistic manner when assessing the individual’s health status. Opportunities are provided for integration of this course’s content and the knowledge gleaned from previous humanities, natural and social science courses and the integration with the RN student’s previous and current nursing assessments. (3 credits)

It emphasizes holistic nursing assessments, interventions, and holistic nursing diagnosis for individuals experiencing acute or chronic health problems. (3 credits)

It provides a foundation in the concepts and theories of family health care nursing. Clinical experience within the varied settings provides the opportunity to apply the nursing process when delivering health care to families. (4 credits)

It explores the physical, social, economic, and environmental factors which affect the health of a community. The nursing process is applied to groups and communities. (3 credits)

It provides a multi-disciplinary examination of various aspects of the existing health care industry in the US. The course examines the impact of managed care on process and outcomes and the governmental and economic influences on the system. (3 credits)

It focuses on the functions of management within a rapidly changing health care environment. Emphasis is placed on current issues impacting leadership and management within the context of specific practice situations. (3 credits)

It is a course designed to provide an individualized learning experience in theoretical or clinical aspects of nursing. Students are expected to develop objectives for their learning experience, strategies that facilitate achievement of the objectives, and criteria with which to evaluate the achievement of objectives. (1-4 credits)

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