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Brigham Young University – Idaho (Department of Nursing)

The Department of Nursing has long-standing experience with nursing education at the associate degree level and continues to believe that the graduates of its Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Degree program are well-prepared for entry-level practicing professional nursing. Therefore, the faculty remains committed to providing quality education for the student seeking an ASN as well as the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN).

The Department of Nursing has been in existence since 1957 preparing ASN students. The graduates have been well-received by the healthcare industry and have a long history of successfully passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX). Clinically well-prepared, graduates are being recruited by hospitals and health care facilities throughout the country. The baccalaureate program was conceived and finalized during a year-long process beginning June 2000. The department received strong encouragement and support from the University administration and local community to develop the BSN program.

The goals and outcomes for the Department of Nursing incorporates and reinforces the basic belief system of caring relationships regarding man, environment, health, education, nursing practice and nursing roles throughout the program for the benefit of the student. Additionally, the understanding and utilization of laws, opposites, knowledge, agency, and stewardship are governing principles. These principles reinforce the belief system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

A basic outcome is that the patient and the nurse develop caring relationships, incorporating responsibility and knowledge to provide effective nursing care. Further outcomes include that the students are instructed both in theory and practical implementation and then are evaluated based upon the ability to solve problems through the use of critical thinking. In addition, outcomes are developed applying the nursing process.

School name:Brigham Young University – IdahoDepartment of Nursing
Address:CLK 102
Zip & city:ID 83460-0620 Idaho
Phone:(208) 496-1325

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Department of Nursing Courses

This course provides the learner experience in utilizing the nursing process to provide fundamental care for patients in long-term and acute-care settings.

This 5-week block course applies the nursing process, using the conceptual model as a guide, to the nursing assessment, care, and common disease processes of aging individuals.

This 5-week block course is designed to increase the student’s self-awareness and application of the nursing process, using the conceptual model as a guide, to the holistic concerns of them-selves and others. The major psychiatric disorders, common psy-chiatric problems, and mental-health issues that people deal with over the life span are covered.

This 8-week block course provides the learner knowledge and experience using the nursing process, with the conceptual model as a guide, in caring for individuals and families in preventative and rehabilitative care and in acute-care situations with complex patients having concerns in perfusion and oxygenation capabilities.

This 8-week block course provides the student experience in hospital and community settings in order to apply the nursing process, using the conceptual model as a guide in caring for individuals through the wellness continuum as it applies to women’s health issues, pregnancy, labor and delivery and the newborn period.

This course utilizes the conceptual model to help the student focus on entry into professional nursing practice,i.e., employment opportunities, health care trends, etc.

This course provides the opportunity for study of pertinent topics not included in the nursing curriculum. May be repeated for credit.

This elective course provides a broad review of nursing practice and care of the medical-surgical, pediatric, psychiatric, and obstetrical clients. It is taught with lecture, discussion of texts, articles, computer simulations, role play, and case histories. Emphasis is on student participation and active involvement with the learning process.

This course applies the conceptual model to help the student explore differences in ASN and BSN education and practice levels, nursing theorists, and professional responsibilities.

This course uses the conceptual model to help the student gain advanced assessment skills to improve patient care.

This course offers the learner knowledge and experience applying the conceptual model in the education of and caring for the adult patient with specific attention to the wellness continuum as it relates to clinical changes in the critical care areas.

This course offers the learner knowledge and experience in using the conceptual model and the relationship of inquiry, including quantitative and qualitative processes, with the advancement and structuring of nursing knowledge. It provides a forum for discussion of the development, application and evaluation of various types of nursing research and allows the learner opportunity to examine research credibility.

This survey course uses the conceptual model to help the student explore the nursing process in community health nursing practice for the purpose of preventing disease and disability, and promoting, protecting, and maintaining a healthy community.

This course utilizes the conceptual model to help the student explore the principles of leadership and management as they apply to nursing practice.

The physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy and childbirth. Prenatal development. Impact of pregnancy and childbirth experiences on the couple relationship.

This course is designed to help the Non-Nursing Major increase etheir knowledge of nursing concepts applicable to the development and changes which occur through life. In-class activities will provide basic nursing skills to assist the learner in family support through illness.

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