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Concordia University Irvine (Nursing Programs)

Concordia University Irvine is a small, distinguished, Christian, liberal arts university defined by two overriding missions: faithfulness and excellence in education. CUI is located on 70 acres atop a hillside overlooking the beautiful city of Irvine, CA. CU Accelerate is a degree completion program offered on this campus. In addition, Concordia offers a traditiional four-year undergraduate program, including on-campus housing, with division-winning athletics and inspiring fine arts.


Concordia University Irvine, guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus and the Lutheran Confessions, empowers students through the liberal arts and professional studies for lives of learning, service and leadership.


RN-to-BSN Program

Concordia University announces a new Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-to-BSN) Degree Completion Program. An innovative and flexible program held on week nights and weekends for the working nurse! Only one clinical rotation, required in Community Health, to prepare graduates to apply for the California Public Health Certificate. Applicants must have a current and clear California RN license to practice and be graduates Nursing Info Sessionsof an Associate Degree in Nursing (A.D.N.) or a nursing diploma program.
Second Degree Accelerated BSN Program

Nursing Degree Program Outcomes RN to BSN

At the end of the program the student will be prepared to:
1. Apply for the California Public Health Certificate.
2. Take on additional roles such as public health nurse, parish nurse manager and clinical assistant instructor.
3. Design a research proposal, collect research data, access research findings and apply to the practice setting.
4. Apply Watson’s Clinical Caritas Processes in all nursing care settings to enhance the health care encounters of all patients/clients.
5. Provide culturally sensitive nursing care to each patient/client in a growing, ethnically diverse population.
6. Analyze bioethical dilemmas that present themselves in the practice setting and be able to arrive at personal and professional decisions to advocate for patients. Become familiar with the principles of justice, autonomy and beneficence.
7. Discuss and analyze contemporary professional nursing issues that impact the patient, profession and communities.
8. Develop and refine professional skills and strategies to support acquisition of further proficiency in nursing practice.
9. Provide health care education appropriate to

Concordia University Irvine announces a new Second Degree Accelerated BSN Program.

This new program is designed for those individuals who already have a Baccalaureate degree and desire to change their professional career. As a BSN student at CUI the candidate will be able to learn how to provide excellent, compassionate, and competent nursing care to individuals across the life span.

Accelerated BSN Program Objectives

At the end of the program the student will be prepare to:
1. Utilize the nursing process to assess, plan and implement nursing care and evaluate the effectiveness of care based on client’s health status while considering the whole person involved in the caring experience.
2. Utilize acquired nursing care knowledge and skills to provide competent nursing care to diverse patient groups.
3. Provide direct care to various clients experiencing complex health problems in diverse health care settings.
4. Teach patients, families, aggregates and communities how to self manage illnesses, prevent illness, and promote a realistic level of health.
5. Implement Watson’s Clinical Caritas Processes in multiple settings by providing maximum client caring experiences.
6. Establish caring and empathetic interpersonal relationships with patients and aggregates in various health care settings.
7. Critique and utilize current, appropriate research to influence nursing practice.
8. Plan teaching strategies to assist clients and families in self care management.
9. Implement ethical, caring behaviors in all aspects of nursing practice.
10. Implement a servant-leadership approach in response to the needs of clients.
11. Utilize various leadership styles in order to function effectively in diverse settings with diverse patient and staff groups.

School name:Concordia University IrvineNursing Programs
Address:1530 Concordia West
Zip & city:CA 92612-3203 California
Phone:949-854-8002 Ext. 1264

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