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Dover Business College (Nursing Program)

We are a nationally-accredited private college with a 50-year history of teaching excellence and successfully preparing students for careers in healthcare, business, and information technology.

At Dover Business College, you’ll enjoy the challenge of learning and the professional environment in which you learn. A dedicated faculty and an administration committed to helping you fulfill your highest potential add up to a unique learning opportunity. The College's programs are consistent with sound educational principles yet allow students to complete training quickly. Training at Dover Business College is career oriented and skill specific. The most current and widely used computer technology and software programs are integrated into all appropriate areas of study.

Dover Business College's reputation is built on the success of its graduates. When you enroll at Dover, you’re enrolling in a college that will become a valuable resource for you throughout your career. The College has an outstanding job placement record. Graduates also benefit from lifelong job placement services and refresher privileges.

The College sets high standards—standards you can easily meet with enthusiasm, curiosity, and the desire to prepare for an interesting and challenging career in the field of your choice.


Dover Business College is dedicated to providing students with a superior education that will result in a rewarding career.

Dover's goals are:
1. To help students achieve professional competencies that will result in increased employment competence.
2. To help students develop the attitudes, values, work ethic, interpersonal skills, and commitment necessary for success in healthcare and corporate environments.
3. To provide a supportive educational environment that will encourage successful completion of course objectives and provide the foundation for continued success in professional and academic environments.
4. To offer and constantly reevaluate curricula so that meaningful and relevant learning experiences result.

Dover is career and placement oriented and is dedicated to helping students succeed. Students are provided with educational advisement at admission; are enrolled in programs that best meet their individual needs, abilities, and career goals; experience a supportive and stimulating student-centered learning environment which affords constant accessibility to academic and career counseling; and are assisted by career professionals who provide placement services to students and graduates.


The Licensed Practical Nurse program provides students with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to enter the healthcare field as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a variety of settings including hospitals, physician's offices, clinics, dental surgeons, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, urgent care, or with patients in private home settings. Graduates are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure examination. To qualify for graduation, students must pass a cumulative practical nursing examination at the end of the program.

The Licensed Practical Nurse program is accredited provisionally by the New Jersey Board of Nursing on the recommendation of the State Board of Nursing Education Committee.

School name:Dover Business CollegeNursing Program
Address:15 East Blackwell Street
Zip & city:NJ 07801 New Jersey

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Nursing Program Courses

Students focus on the aging patient and diseases and disorders affecting patients’ mental and emotional wellness and their care. Topics include elder abuse, ethical and legal issues, legislation, and mental illness. Hands-on care and management of patients via the nursing process are conducted in the clinical setting.

Students focus on acutely ill and cancer patients and the management of their care. Topics include illness terminology, response to illness, preoperative, infection, acid base balance, shock, pain, and oncology. Hands-on care and management of patients via the nursing process are conducted in the clinical setting.

Students study the needs and care of patients with cardiac and respiratory issues. Hands-on care and management of patients via the nursing process are conducted in the clinical setting.

Students study the needs and care of patients from conception through childhood. Topics include maternal newborn health, conception and embryology, antepartal period, intrapartal period, postpartum period, newborn, management of health problems, healthcare delivery settings, reaction to hospitalization, childhood illnesses/disorders, outpatient settings, and federal legislation. Hands-on care and management of patients via the nursing process are conducted in the clinical setting.

Students study both male and female reproductive systems. Hands-on care and management of patients via the nursing process are conducted in the clinical setting.

The case study approach is utilized to enhance the student’s transition to entry-level practical nursing. Emphasis is placed upon the integration of all aspects of patient care including legal, ethical, and current issues, as well as upon the development of leadership skills in the healthcare setting. Hands-on management and application of the nursing process to patients are conducted in the clinical setting.

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