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Indiana Wesleyan University (Division of Nursing)

The Division of Nursing program leads to a Bachelor of Science with a major in nursing. The undergraduate program prepares men and women for professional nursing practice and provides a foundation for advanced study in nursing. Following successful completion of the curriculum, students are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) in Indiana or other states subject to that state's guidelines and regulations.

The Division of Nursing is accredited by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) phone 202-887-6791. Membership is held in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Eta Chi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (Honor Society of Nursing) is chartered at Indiana Wesleyan University.

The Division of Nursing is committed to educating professional nurses prepared to change their world of influence through nursing practices grounded in the Christian ethos. The mission of the division is to provide quality nursing education within a Christian liberal arts university that equips professional nurse generalists for practice in diverse environments.

Throughout the program of the Division of Nursing, the nurse is perceived as a purposeful, self-directed individual who assumes responsibility and accountability to God, society, self, and clients who, made in the image of God, have intrinsic worth and value. Modeling the example of Jesus Christ, nurses are to protect and promote health, especially for people lacking access to health care, through the just allocation of health resources and services throughout the world.


Nursing education at Indiana Wesleyan University prepares each student to become a world changer nurse. This is accomplished by drawing students into an integrated experience of intellectual challenge, professional growth, and leadership development. Therefore, we will:
* Call students to Christian character
* Expect academic excellence
* Equip students for success in their profession
* Mentor students in leadership, and
* Prepare students for service.

A major strength of the nursing program is the faculty of professional nurses committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Christian higher education. Professors take a personal interest in the students and seek academic success of each one.

School name:Indiana Wesleyan UniversityDivision of Nursing
Address:4201 South Washington Street
Zip & city:IN 46953 Indiana

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Division of Nursing Nursing School Location

Division of Nursing Courses

The course is designed to provide nursing students with an opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge and skills from information systems and computer technology. The focus will be on the considerations and impact of computer technology and information systems in nursing practice, nursing education, nursing administration and nursing research.

Designed to acquaint the practicing nurse with a perspective on the unique role of nurses in the health-care system. Content includes role theory, change theory, and political advocacy. Presents the efforts of nursing to help create a health-care system that assures access, quality, and services at affordable costs.

Designed to familiarize the practicing nurse with theory-based, research-supported nursing within a Christian framework. Content covers how theory-based, reflective practice can impact nursing and health care for the benefit of humanity. The Neuman Health Care Systems Theory will be presented within a nursing process framework of nursing practice.

Focuses on the ethical decision-making process with emphasis on Judeo-Christian values. Designed to foster ethical development, values clarification, and effective analysis of ethical issues encountered by professional nurses. A Christian ethical perspective is promoted. Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing major or permission of the Division of Nursing.

Concepts of aging including physical, psychological, socio-cultural, and spiritual variables will be addressed for the practicing nurse. The impact of the aging population on the health-care system will be applied to nursing practice with the older adult client.

Concepts of pathophysiology will be presented as practicing nurses study the relationships between wholistic persons and their environments in times of physical stress.

The purpose of this course is to enhance knowledge and basic skills of the practicing nurse in the performance of a physical exam and health assessment of the well adult.

The course is planned to provide the student with an understanding of the research process. Basic elements of research design, sampling, data collection, and analysis are discussed. Students critique research articles and develop a proposal for an investigation of significance to the practice of nursing.

Students will explore theories related to leadership skills. This will lay the foundation for the development of strategies and resources to gain personal and professional nursing leadership abilities. An emphasis will be placed on servant leadership.

Designed to examine the concepts of poverty and vulnerability from a variety of sources. Poverty will be considered from a cultural and spiritual perspective, as well as a socioeconomic phenomena. A brief history of society's view of poverty will be surveyed. Service learning is expected as an integral part of the course. Of particular interest to criminal justice, health promotion and wellness, ministry, missions, nursing, pre-professional health fields, social work, sociology majors, and others. No prerequisites.

Designed to provide the practicing nurse with tools for effective delivery of health care to clients from different cultures. A practical, integrative nursing experience with another culture. (Field experience may be done with a racial, ethnic, or socio-economic subculture within the United States.)

Applies the nursing process to promotion of health at the community level. Population-focused practica sites include a variety of community settings. Unstructured, non-institutional practice settings are emphasized.

This course is designed to examine a variety of nontraditional (outside of the accepted mainstream) healing medicines and therapies. It includes a brief historical survey of health seeking behaviors and modalities from antiquity to the modern era. An analysis of the efficacy of various treatments, as well as potential harm will also be considered. This course will be of particular interest to students in the fields of health promotion and wellness, missions, nursing, pre-professional health fields, social work, psychology, and others.

The final capstone course, this is designed to develop leadership and management skills in practicing nurses. Considers dynamics and management of individual, group, and organizational behavior in health-care agencies. Examines issues in management: power and conflict resolution, work stress, discrimination, group dynamics, organizational change, and other topics.

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