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Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Division of Nursing)

Northwestern offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in more than 40 areas of study. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree also is offered. Some of the more popular fields of study include education, business administration, health and physical education, law enforcement, nursing, agriculture, psychology, pre-medicine, biology and mass communications. Study in several pre-professional fields is offered.

At the graduate level, master's degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education are available. Information on the Graduate Studies program is available through the Graduate Office by calling (580) 327-8410, or writing to the Graduate Studies Office, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717.

A Master of Business Administration is available at the Woodward campus through a cooperative effort with another university.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University is a community of learners that includes students, teachers, staff, administrators, and area citizens advancing learning excellence and preparing its members for service as leaders and entrepreneurs in the changing climate of northwest Oklahoma and the world.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University is a true product of the hardy spirit that fi lled the Cherokee Strip within a few hours after its opening. Northwestern opened its doors for the fi rst time on September 20, 1887, with an enrollment of 68 students. The number grew to 166 by the end of the year.

The College, which started as a normal school, was increased to a four-year teachers college in 1919 and was designated Northwestern State Teachers College. In 1939, Northwestern was further expanded to include degrees in liberal arts as well as education. Its offi cial title then became Northwestern State College. In August 1974 an act of the state legislature offi cially changed the name to Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

The academic program of the university is supplemented and enriched by a vital, wellorganized program of out-of-classroom education and a strong effective student enrichment program. A university is just as strong as its weakest part. With this in mind every effort is made to see that the academic program, student activity program, and the climate, which prevails on the campus are in harmony. This is accomplished by use of the best and most recent knowledge and highest quality programs. The university is proud of its faculty, staff, facilities, and its future.

School name:Northwestern Oklahoma State UniversityDivision of Nursing
Address:709 Oklahoma Blvd.
Zip & city:OK 73717 Oklahoma
Phone:(580) 327-8493

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Division of Nursing Nursing School Location

Division of Nursing Courses

A focus on the concepts of the health continuum and the role of the nurse. Emphasis will be placed on an introduction to the nursing process and developing basic nursing skills. Particular emphasis will be placed on performing physical, psychological, developmental, nutritional, social, spiritual, and family assessments on adult/geriatric clients. The integration of the nursing process in the care of geriatric clients will take place in primary or secondary health care settings.

This course is designed to integrate the theoretical concepts basic to professional nursing. This course bridges prior learning and experiences in Nursing with baccalaureate education. The physical assessment or clinical portion of this course (for LPN students) will focus on the presentation of principles and techniques used on obtaining a comprehensive health assessment and physical examination in the context of physiological, psychological, sociological, and developmental parameters. Emphasis will be placed on differentiating between normal and abnormal findings in adults, the elderly and children.

Adult Health Nursing emphasizes alterations and an optimal level of wellness in the health status of the adult client in both acute and chronic illnesses. This course addresses collaborative, interdisciplinary care of the Medical-Surgical client, in a variety of settings, within the rapidly changing health care system. Students will be expected to demonstrate increasing ability to implement the nursing process in caring for adult clients.

This course is designed to provide a theoretical foundation utilizing principles of pharmacodynamics, pharmacotherapeutics, and pharmacokinetics. The emphasis is safe administration of drug therapy in various clinical settings utilizing the nursing process.

The nursing process is applied to the care of families in childbearing and childrearing stages in community and institutional settings. Emphasis is placed on the nursing functions of teaching counseling to support and promote optimal health.

Focus of the course is on clients in family centered care. It encompasses the bio-psycho-social development of the female from puberty to menopause including all phases of gynecological and obstetrical care. The course will emphasize nursing concepts related to the care of the family centered client. Course content will include critical thinking, prioritizing of appropriate interventions and continuous evaluation of care throughout developmental levels of family centered care. Students will perform independent, interdependent, and collaborative nursing functions to promote restoration, maintenance, and maximal functioning of the family centered care client.

This course is a prerequisite for Nursing Concepts of Mental Health II. It provides and introduction to the values clarification process and stresses the development of increased self awareness. The conceptual frame work regarding normal growth, development and adaptation is presented and stressed as a foundation for concepts with maladaptive human responses. This course emphasizes effective communication techniques that facilitate nurse client interactions and nursing interventions and provides an overview of various types of maladaptive psychological responses.

The nursing process is utilized in relation to internal and external stressors. Delivery of Nursing is examined in relation to the roles of others who contribute to client care. Emphasis is on use of self as a therapeutic tool in initiating effective nurse-client relationships. Experiences are provided to identify responses to existing and potential stressors for psychiatric/mental health clients and their families in selected health care settings.

A clinical course designed for generic baccalaureate students to promote independence in the synthesis and practice of biophysical and psychosocial nursing to specific client groups across the life span. Students will have the opportunity to increase the amount and quality of clinical experiences and decision-making skills through working with clinical preceptors in local NW Oklahoma health care agencies. Preceptor arrangements will be coordinated by the faculty coordinator and follow Oklahoma Board of Nursing guidelines. LPN students and traditional students working in a Nurse Tech position that fulfills course objectives and required clinical hours may satisfy course requirements with documentation of clinical experience.

This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to study the research process in nursing. Critical questions about nursing practice are formulated and researchable problems are identified. Students will critically examine research studies and consider the applicability of findings to clinical practice. Students will also examine nursing research designs and begin to design group nursing research proposals.

The focus of this course is on the health needs of the individual, family and/or community client in the community setting. The student will apply the nursing process to individual, family and community health problems to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the delivery of preventative, curative, educational and rehabilitative services independently or with members of various health disciplines. Biological, social and political influences which may affect the individual, family or community are explored.

This course involves the application of leadership and management theories in the delivery of nursing care. It is designed to help the student learn the reasoning behind nursing leadership in health care organizations. Emphasis is placed on concepts of leadership, change, political processes and their influence on health care policies, quality management, legal issues and health care delivery systems. Student-designed/instructor-approved clinical experiences in selected settings will provide the opportunity for the refinement of nursing leadership and management skills.

Focus of the course is on clients experiencing high risk, complex multi-system health care problems across the life span, and emphasizes nursing concepts related to care of the critically ill client. Course content will encompass critical thinking, prioritizing of appropriate interventions and continuous evaluation of care throughout critical episodes. Students will perform independent, interdependent and collaborative nursing functions to promote restoration, maintenance, and maximal functioning or support end-of-life care.

Discussion of contemporary professional nursing issues and trends. Students will examine legal, economic, political, cultural, and ethical issues that act as stressors on the professional nurse, nursing practice, and the delivery of nursing care within the current healthcare delivery system.

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