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Southern University and A&M College (School of Nursing)

Southern University School of Nursing (SUSON) was granted initial approval by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing in 1985 and admitted the first baccalaureate level students to upper division courses in the fall of 1986. The School of Nursing currently offers three degrees: the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN), the Master of Science in nursing with a specialty in family health nursing (MSN) and role options as administrator, educator or family nurse practitioner, and the doctor of philosophy with a major in nursing (PhD). The school houses two academic departments (graduate and undergraduate), the Office of Nursing Research, The Learning Resource Center, and The Nurse Managed Clinics. The school has four funded Endowed Professorships through The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, The Louisiana Board of Regents and three area health care agencies (Our Lady of the Lake, Woman's Hospital, and The Baton Rouge General).
The school employs 19 staff members that assist faculty in operationalizing the school's vision. The Faculty complement is 28 full-time, and eight part-time faculty. Janet S. Rami, RN, PhD, Dean since 1986 has lead the School in acquiring over 12 million dollars in external funding since 1990. The BSN and MSN programs are approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), and were granted preliminary approval for accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The Baccalaureate Program graduated its first class of 14 students in 1988 and by the end of 2000 the school had over 700 BSN graduates. During 1998-99 over 1,000 students were enrolled at Southern pursuing the baccalaureate degree in Nursing. This undergraduate program is nationally recognized for its success with students from disadvantaged backgrounds. National licensure exam pass rates for SUSON graduates have been above the national average for nine of the last eleven years.
The MSN Program in Family Health began in 1992 as one of four programs comprising the Louisiana Intercollegiate Consortium for a MSN. In 1996-97 the Louisiana Board of Regents approved the FNP option at SUSON. The School was the recipient of a Kellogg Post-doctoral Fellowship for FNP Faculty Development in 1997-98 and acquired external funding during 1998-99 of $465,000 from the US PHS, Division of Nursing to enhance the FNP program. Through a Board of Regents grant to the Master's in Nursing, SUSON offers six distance-learning courses for graduate nursing students. The MSN Program provides financial assistantships to masters students through two scholarship programs; The Rehabilitation Long-Term Care Training Grant funded at $100,000 per year by US Department of Education and The Advanced Nurse Education Traineeships funded at $29,672 per year by the US HRSA.

The Ph.D. in Nursing was approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents in June 2000 and is the first PhD in Nursing in Louisiana. The program is a research-oriented doctorate that focuses on research related to health issues and public policy associated with the health of vulnerable women and children. The program prepares scientists whose research in nursing will extend the knowledge base that informs nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing leadership. The first five PhD students were admitted in Fall 2001.

The Office of Nursing Research has a three fold purpose; Faculty Development, Funded Programs of Research and Dissemination of Findings. The office provides support for emerging programs of research for doctoral faculty and faculty development for all nursing faculty. Emerging programs of research are consistent with the focus of the PhD program. Therefore, they focus on vulnerable populations with an emphasis on vulnerable children and women across the life cycle. The office sponsors monthly faculty development activities and a research news letter. In addition the office supports the Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Program, a collaborative arrangement between the SUSON and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The annual research day focuses on research dissemination related to vulnerable children and women across the life cycle and four programs of research are currently funded through external sources.


The vision for the Office of Nursing Research, based on the vision statement of the Southern University School of Nursing (SUSON), is to develop a nationally recognized center of nursing research and scholarship. The uniqueness of the research enterprise in the School will be an emphasis on nursing interventions and outcomes research of vulnerable and underserved women and children. When the office is fully operational, research will be institutionalized and the process of inquiry will be the norm for all faculty and students. There will be a cadre of experienced nurse researchers and scholars available to mentor faculty and students as well as other resources and services ranging from grant writing to editing and statistical support.


The mission of the Office of Nursing Research is to promote faculty research endeavors and expand the research base in the School of Nursing by increasing external funding for faculty research, facilitate doctoral-student research and develop new scholars who can advance the science of nursing.

School name:Southern University and A&M CollegeSchool of Nursing
Address:3435 Sterling Drive, P.O. Box 11784
Zip & city:LA 70813 Louisiana
Phone:(225) 771-2653

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School of Nursing Nursing School Location

School of Nursing Courses

Introduction to basic concepts in nursing. The nursing process is explored in depth along with other theoretical foundations for nursing. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

Focus is on application of the nursing process in client situations. Basic nursing skills and assessment are emphasized.

Introduction to basic principles of pharmacology and related implications.

Focus is on nursing implications for acute, non-complex adult clients. Includes hospital-based practicum.

Introductory nursing research seminar. Major focus is on valuing nursing research and utilization in clinical nursing care.

Focus is on assisting childbearing and child-rearing families to maximize health as they experience events related to intrauterine stages of life, the neonatal period, parenting, and issues such as sexuality and reproductive complications.

Focus is on developing nursing systems to maximize physical and psychosocial family health with emphasis on growth and development from infancy through adolescence.

Emphasis on the importance of professional accountability and the legal and ethical premises for decision making in nursing.

Emphasis is on complex adult clients and development of partially and wholly-compensatory nursing systems.

Student provided with independent opportunity to integrate elective areas of interest into the practice of nursing. The student and faculty work together to develop the course objectives and field experience.

Emphasis on development of wholly- compensatory nursing systems to increase coping behaviors for clients with psychosocial health deficits or rehabilitative needs.

Assist students to design, implement, and evaluate nurs nursing systems to meet the needs of individuals, families, and groups within the community. Community populations at risk, major issues affecting community health, and community health nursing are explored.

Principles of motivation and leadership explored along with communication, decision making, change, and group theory. Application of these principles is focus of clinical component.

Focus is on transition into practice. Senior students who are completing their course work for graduation will analyze selected areas of nursing practice.

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