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Spring Hill College - Division of Nursing

Welcome to the Spring Hill Division of Nursing. Nursing is an exciting, rewarding profession and an excellent career choice for the century.

By the year 2010, the United States will need twice the number of current registered nurses (RNs) prepared with baccalaureate and higher degrees in nursing. Due to the national and 21st international shortage of nurses, there are numerous employment opportunities in hospital and community settings. Today, nurses comprise the largest single group of health care providers in the nation. In the coming year we will be challenged to address the nursing shortage in our state. The demand is expected to increase in the coming years as new health care facilities are completed, and the population continues to grow and age.

Preparation for professional nursing is rigorous and life changing. The baccalaureate program includes humanities, behavioral science, natural science as well as nursing science and skills. Spring Hill nursing education prepares nurses for lives of service, professional excellence and personal integrity.

The Division has achieved and implementing programs that will continue the Division’s leadership role to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of our rapidly evolving health care environment. We are educating nurses to be global citizens who will bring the expertise of their education to their communities and their profession. Recent accomplishments at the Division give us cause for celebration and pride.

Innovation, excellence, and compassion-these are the hallmarks of the Division of Nursing at Spring Hill College. The Nursing Division has a proud tradition of excellence in nursing education, and we will continue to build on this foundation with your input and support.


The mission of the Division of Nursing is to provide quality baccalaureate and graduate nursing education in a Jesuit liberal arts environment. Through its professional nursing courses the division prepares its students to become critical thinkers, conscientious, caring health care professionals who are committed to excellence and responsibility in service to others.


The Division of Nursing supports the mission and values of Spring Hill College, while educating baccalaureate and graduate students to become caring nurses who serve others. The tradition and identity of Spring Hill College have been formed from the strength of its Catholic heritage and its Jesuit spirituality and education philosophy. The Division nurtures both the personal and social dimensions of faith, seeking to draw our students into a deeper and more vital relationship with God.

The person resides in an ever-changing, culturally diverse society and assumes responsibility for decisions regarding personal health and illness. Each individual is a holistic being with intrinsic worth, who has bio-psycho-social, spiritual and cultural dimensions in interactions with their environment. Respect for individual human dignity, equality, freedom, and justice are basic rights in our society.

Health is a dynamic multidimensional state represented by a health continuum and is affected by personal choices, values, and interactions with the environment. Nursing promotes the awareness of healthy lifestyles and, compassionately assists individuals to reestablish health, cope with illness or impending death.

The environment includes the interaction of physical, ecological, political, cultural, and religious factors. Although the environment is constantly changing, a healthy environment is conducive to the quality of life for individuals, families, the community, and society.

Nursing practice is committed to promoting health and preventing disease. It involves knowledge, critical thinking skills and collaboration with other colleagues and disciplines to provide high quality patient-centered and holistic care. Nurses as caregivers, teachers, and advocates must base their practice on ethical, moral, and legal standards. Nursing education at Spring Hill College strives to awaken mind and spirit to the pursuit of truth and to an ever-deepening appreciation of the beauty of creation, the dignity of life, the demands of justice, and the mystery of God’s love. The graduate will be educated in the Jesuit liberal arts tradition to become a competent, intelligent nurse who exercises compassion and caring to a culturally diverse society. Through its professional nursing courses, the faculty prepare their students to become critical, conscientious, health care professionals, who are committed to excellence in the service to others.

Learning occurs through interactions in the classroom, online, and in a variety of clinical settings. The role of the nurse educator is to facilitate the students learning and provide opportunities to meet individual learning needs based on diverse learning styles into the teaching process. This takes place through cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning incorporating the students’ life experiences, motivation, and scholastic aptitude to reach their maximum potential.

The Division’s Program Objectives are to:

* Support the mission of Spring Hill College and encourage growth of body, mind, and spirit throughout the nursing curriculum.
* Collaborate with other departments and divisions within the college to enhance the educational experience of each individual nursing student.
* Educate professional baccalaureate nursing students to function as beginning nurses.
* Meet AACN/CCNE Standards and Board of Nursing regulations.
* Maintain and update facilities, equipment and other resources.
* Recruit and retain qualified nursing faculty who will adhere to the philosophy of Jesuit and liberal arts education.
* Foster an environment within the division that enhances open communication and collaboration.
* Assess, plan and change curriculum and program policies based on informal and formal evaluation.

School name:Spring Hill College - Division of Nursing
Address:4000 Dauphin Street
Zip & city:AL 36608 Alabama

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Spring Hill College - Division of Nursing Nursing School Location

Spring Hill College - Division of Nursing Courses


The course explores career opportunities in professional nursing. The process of moving toward optimal health through positive changes and life-style behaviors is addressed.

The study of the human body’s physiological response to normal nutrition throughout the lifespan. The course further emphasizes nursing care of the patient with health promoting guidelines and patient diet therapy for various system disorders.


Assessment of physical, developmental, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual dimensions of the client across the lifespan. Psychomotor skills are introduced that address comfort, personal hygiene and safety.

Focuses on the nursing assessment of the whole person and includes physical, psychological, sociocultural, and spiritual assessment. The emphasis is on the development of skills in obtaining a health history and performing a health examination.

Introduction to basic concepts of pharmacology: drug classification, routes of administration, standards, legislation and nursing responsibilities. Mathematics for dosages and solutions and developing drug administration skills are also addressed.

Focuses on the family as the unit of nursing care, especially on those experiencing alterations in mental health through the life cycle, and those from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Focuses on health promotion and maintenance to the pregnant woman and her family in a variety of settings.

Application of the nursing process to meet the biopsycho-social needs of the client in relation to age, developmental stage, cultural orientation, resources and environment. Students examine the pathophysiological changes experienced by clients in a variety of settings.

Students examine the pathophysiological and psychosocial changes in clients in acute care and rehabilitation settings. Students enhance their psychomotor, community and leadership skills while collaborating with other health care workers and with families.

The utilization of developmental theory and nursing process in providing care to children, adolescents and their families. Altered states of health are examined as they affect normal growth and development.

Using community health theory, research findings and practice settings, students assess physical, social and cultural environments of groups; identify at-risk populations; and examine appropriate nursing interventions. The student functions as a change agent in planning and implementing a project designed to meet an identified group health need.

The study of the nurse as leader and case manager of client care. Students synthesize and apply theories of nursing, leadership, change and management; they explore issues of access, availability, utilization, quality of health and the role of health care workers in providing leadership toward resolutions.

Working with a preceptor in a hospital setting, the student will actively participate in the management of nursing care for individuals, with an emphasis on clinical practice from a theoretical, holistic and wellness oriented perspective.

The course offers a continuing learning experience designed to further the students’ ability in the application of the nursing process. The emphasis is placed on the assessment and care of patients with complex, life-threatening illnesses. Building on nursing concepts and the liberal arts and sciences, students examine the pathophysiological changes experienced by patients in the acute care setting. The role of the nurse as a caregiver and as a member of the health care team is emphasized.

Decision-making, collaboration and the manage- ment of change, of power and of conflict are emphasized. The course addresses professional accountability and critical thinking in analyzing contemporary issues; it also focuses on professional development, leadership styles and nursing and management philosophies.

A course of individual study or research. Admission by approval of department chair. Hours and credits to be arranged by faculty facilitator.

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