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St. Lake Community College - Nursing Program

The Salt Lake Community College Nursing Program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing, which enables graduates to apply for the N-CLEX exam for registered nursing. Also offered is the Advanced Placement Program for practical nurses returning for an AAS degree.

This program is accredited by the National League for Nursing, Accrediting Commission (NLNAC), 61 Broadway-33rd Floor, New York City, New York 10006.

This program is accredited by the Utah State Board of Nursing (UBOT), Heber M. Wells Building, 160 East 300 South P.O. Box 146741, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741. Website is The telephone number is (801) 530-6628.

The SLCC General College Catalog provides specific information regarding admission requirements for the nursing program. After completing all prerequisite courses with a C+ grade or better, students may apply to the Nursing Program through the Health Science Admission's Office.


The philosophy of the nursing program is consistent with the mission statement and values of Salt Lake Community College. The mission of the College states that Salt Lake Community College is a public, open-access, comprehensive community college committed to serving the broader community. Its mission is to provide quality higher education and lifelong learning to people of diverse cultures, abilities, and ages, and to serve the needs of community and government agencies, business, industry and other employers.

Students are our highest priority. In harmony with this priority, the college values are community, creativity, diversity, environment, excellence, expression, integrity, and people. Salt Lake Community College is an equal opportunity institution providing educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability. The nursing faculty’s philosophy is eclectic and based on a humanistic and holistic orientation of nursing which emphasizes the value of individual existence and places high priority on caring for people. In accord with the tenets of the philosophy, the faculty acknowledges the importance of the individual and society in relation to health, nursing, and education.


*The Associate Degree Nurse assumes responsibility for and practices all of the competencies of the Practical Nurse but expands and grows in depth and complexity in the following manner:
Role as a Provider of Care:
Demonstrates cognitive competence through the use of creative/critical thinking in solving clinical problems and making clinical decisions. Is able to consider alternatives. Utilizes knowledge gained from reading basic research reports and journals, and attending workshops to elevate personal nursing practice.
Utilizes the Nursing Process:
Shows independence in using the Nursing Process by identifying recurring and acute health problems. Is able to recognize potential problems.
Utilizes established, standardized lists and identified health problems to select nursing diagnoses and nursing outcomes.
Organizes, develops and implements a plan of patient care to achieve outcomes. Understands and provides care in areas of health promotion, illness prevention and rehabilitation as appropriate.
Uses critical thinking to evaluate and revise outcomes as appropriate.
Demonstrates technical competence through the skillful use of complex equipment and procedures to provide care for acutely ill patients.
Demonstrates interpersonal competence through the use of therapeutic communication skills and caring behaviors to provide nursing care to complex, difficult patient problems and/or situations.
Demonstrates ethical and legal competencies by being self-motivated in ensuring ethical/legal practice and by teaching and/or evaluating ethical/legal standards to other nursing personnel.
Works to resolve ethical problems encountered in practice.
Role as a Manager of Patient Care:
Demonstrates personal management skills by utilizing principles of time management when planning and setting priorities for nursing care for a group of patients, and by ensuring continuity of care within the employing institution.
Demonstrates personal management skill by constructive use of criticism and suggestions for improving nursing practice.
Demonstrates responsibility and accountability by delegating care to other workers commensurate with their educational preparation/ability, by being accountable for their actions, and by reporting concerns regarding quality of care to the appropriate person. Helping others increase their knowledge and skills is also a demonstration of responsibility and accountability. Demonstrates people management skills by evaluation of other workers, including their personal and professional actions and abilities, and by encouraging/promoting excellence in coworkers.

School name:St. Lake Community College - Nursing Program
Address:4600 South Redwood Road, JHS 104, Jordan Campus
Zip & city:UT 84123 Utah
Phone:(801) 957-4879

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St. Lake Community College - Nursing Program Nursing School Location

St. Lake Community College - Nursing Program Courses

Utilizing the nursing process, students are introduced to the safe administration of medications to clients across the health continuum.

Introduces theories and skills basic to the student assuming the role of provider, manager and member of the nursing profession. Emphasis is placed on introduction to critical thinking and the nursing process.

Provides a family centered approach to nursing care of the childbearing client and family across the health continuum.

Introduces students to family centered pediatric nursing care of infants, children, adolescents and their families across the health continuum.

Builds upon prior curriculum content to introduce the student to basic medical/surgical nursing care across the health continuum. Designated as a service-learning course.

Prepares the qualified student to transition into the role of practical nurse. The nursing process and critical thinking skills are utilized in the study and application of contents essential to client care across the health continuum.

Designed to assist the licensed practical nurse in adapting to the new role of a registered nurse as provider, manager and member of the nursing profession.

This course is offered on an individual basis to student nurses. It allows the student to complete one to five hours of guided independent learning experiences within the first year.

This course builds upon concepts introduced in Medical/Surgical I. Course content expands critical thinking and nursing interventions to incorporate the multi disciplinary team in the care of the medical/surgical clients.

Continues to build upon the concepts introduced in Pharmacology I in the safe administration of medications of clients across the health continuum.

Introduces the student to various health care delivery systems within the community. Holistic care is emphasized in providing primary, secondary and tertiary prevention to aggregrates across the health continuum.

This course intregrates all previous curricular concepts into the care of the high acuity client. The student assumes the role of the provider and manager of care to clients with multi-system complex needs.

Introduces the student to current trends and issues affecting client care and the nursing profession.

Intended to provide basic understanding of psychiatric nursing care to clients across the health care continuum within the community and home.

Intended to provide basic understanding of pathophysiologic principles and processes across the health continuum. These are discussed and applied to the most common disease states according to each body system.

This course is offered on an individual basis to student nurses. It allows the student to complete one to five hours of guided independent learning experiences within the second year.

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