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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (The St. Margaret Memorial Hospital School of Nursing)

Founded in 1910, the School of Nursing offers a 76-week diploma nursing program enabling a graduate to take the Pennsylvania licensure examination to become a registered nurse.

The school provides an educational program that assists its graduates to acquire the competencies needed for the practice of professional nursing. The goals of the program are to:
* educate graduates who can fulfill the role and responsibilities of beginning a professional nurse
* prepare graduates with the ability to assist in meeting the health care needs of the community
* foster the development of professional nursing practice, in collaboration with the health care system

The first level of the nursing program consists of three sequential basic nursing courses. Second-level courses involve more complex and interrelated nursing and/or health problems, which affect individuals of all ages. The second level concludes with a nursing issues and management course.

Eight college courses are required. These courses must be taken at an accredited college with a passing grade of a “C” or above:
* Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
* Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
* Introduction to Psychology
* Nutrition
* Microbiology with lab
* English Composition
* Human Growth and Development
* Introduction to Sociology

UPMC St. Margaret has a common mission with all UPMC hospitals — to provide premier programs in patient care, biomedical and health services research, and teaching that contributes to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease and disability.

The hospital was honored recently to be named one of the country’s Top 100 performing hospitals in a study by Solucient measuring quality care, efficiency, financial performance, and community growth.

UPMC St. Margaret is dedicated to meeting the health care and health education needs of a defined population in a high quality, cost effective manner as part of UPMC and in partnership with other community resources.

We aim to provide the right patient care, every time, ensuring the highest level of quality care and patient satisfaction.

To achieve our mission, UPMC St. Margaret is guided by the following values:
* Compassion
UPMC St. Margaret will uphold the highest standards of customer service by providing an environment that is kind, caring, compassionate, and patient centered.
* Academics
UPMC St. Margaret will attract the best qualified medical and support staff using a multidisciplinary approach to patient care in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, community resources, and patients’ families, resulting in specialized medical care supported by evidence based research and education.
* Respect
UPMC St. Margaret responds to the needs of individuals of all races, religions and cultures, providing access to high quality and cost effective care.
* Empathy
UPMC St. Margaret understands and respects the specific needs of each patient and family, which results in an individualized plan of care.
* Safety
UPMC St. Margaret provides the highest quality care to guarantee a safe environment for each patient. We consider ourselves a leader in quality care. We measure, report and monitor our quality outcomes and revise protocols and/or procedures to improve the safety and quality of the patients’ environment of care.

More than a century ago, John H. Shoenberger (1810-1889), one of Pittsburgh’s wealthiest iron manufacturers and philanthropists, endowed St. Margaret Memorial Hospital "in loving memory" to his wife Margaret (1809-1878), who was known for her generosity and many acts of kindness.

Upon his death, Shoenberger bequeathed $800,000 — $10 million today — and three acres of land on the family’s summer estate in Lawrenceville, to build a hospital to honor his wife. In 1898, the hospital was dedicated and the Protestant Episcopal Church elected a board of trustees to maintain it. From its original location on 46th Street in Lawrenceville, the hospital served residents of the city’s east neighborhoods and the river towns that dotted the northern shore of the Allegheny River for 82 years.

To be closer to the communities it served, St. Margaret in 1980 made an unprecedented move across the river to the site of the former City of Pittsburgh Water Filtration Plant near Aspinwall. There, the community and advanced teaching hospital thrived, providing general care for 230,000 residents of 19 municipalities, along with specialty care in arthritis, orthopaedics, geriatrics, and family practice teaching.

In 1997, St. Margaret became the first Pittsburgh hospital to merge with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, strengthening its capabilities to serve its community.

In 2004, UPMC St. Margaret admitted more than 12,800 patients, had approximately 33,000 patients visit the emergency room, was the site of 11,000 surgeries performed, and had outpatient volumes well above 200,000 — the highest levels in hospital history.

School name:University of Pittsburgh Medical CenterThe St. Margaret Memorial Hospital School of Nursing
Address: 221 Seventh Street, Seventh Street Commons Building
Zip & city:PA 15215-3301 Pennsylvania

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The St. Margaret Memorial Hospital School of Nursing Nursing School Location

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